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Ja! The rebels eat babies! [entries|friends|calendar]
Michael Nelson

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[24 Feb 2005|08:38pm]
A note on two entries ago -

if you're going to completely blast me, don't do it anonymously. we obviously have some problems to settle if you feel the need to do that.

also, may I remind the world that the last time I wrote fanfiction that wasn't me going 'hahaha weird pairing must write' was about a year ago, thank you very much.

and that me doing something once does not equal me doing something often. particularly if said thing wasn't even within the last six months.
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[24 Feb 2005|06:37pm]
Everyone who reads this has to reply anonymously, and tell me about their most extreme feeling about me deep down on the inside.
It can either be good or bad, who cares, but it has to be anonymous.
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[13 Feb 2005|10:12am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Last night...oh my god. Best night ever.

Ok, so, I get to the tourney. Whee, say hi to people, blah blah blah. Josh says that I can enter Standard if I want but I knew who would be entering Standard so I avoided the frustration and just went into Heavy.

Hahahahahaha. My first match: me vs. darksyde, who for those of you that don't know was the tourney organizer as well as being one of the best DDR players around. So anyway, I go up and picked Jet World, lost horribly as expected and he picked Secret Rendez-vous, I dunno why. I got pwnt, as expected. ;P

So I just go to the back room where we had IIDX and pop'n and such set up and played that for a while. Eventually got pulled over by Brady to face The Annoying Rocky Mount Kid *seriously, that's what he called himself* who looked to be about a year younger than me but was probably the same age. He picked Rhythm and Police, I walk off the pad. I pick HVAM out of spite hoping to get to the run because I masochistically love the end run but I couldn't make it, partly because R&P took a lot out of me, partly because I had no drink, and partly because I suck like that. It made me mad *mostly because I hate losing at things to people my age or younger* but then that anger completely vanished when he got a B on PSMO at the end of the tourney. o.0

So then I spent a few hours playing more games, put in Metal Slug 4 and sirdf2k and I beat it in 38 minutes omg yay. We loved the zombies *BLEEEARGH BLOOD SPOUT hahahahahahahahahahaha*. After we ebat it, we went outside to where the tourney was. For some reason, Brady, Kris and I got into a conversation about fast-growing pubic hair..and then me mentioned Millia Rage from Guilty Gear and OMG. Her special pulls them in, she makes a noise of pleasure and gains 50 health. Her Destroyer eats them. :DDDD She also has a second special where she lifts up her legs and does the ZOMBIE BLEEAAAARRRGGGH thing from MS4 only not from her mouth hahahahahahahahahhahaahhhahahahaha.


So then we sat around and talked to people. Kitty is really really cool. :D So is Lara and Kris and such.

So the tourney went by and I didn't really care so I didn't watch until the end, I never caught who won *I think it was The Gay Goblin...* but I know Josh placed. So people played randomly *tag-team Legend Road hahahaha* and then we left. For Waffle House.

So we arrive, and all the cars park and everyone gets out. We see that this Waffle House is packed even without us. maxxparanoia led a discussion of where we all should go and we narrowed down the list of Denny's, fast food places, or Josh's house to Denny's and off we went.



SO we get to Denny's, and they're sorta full too so this old lady just sorta says 'fuck you' and we left. We thought a Ruby Tuesday's across the street was open but nope. Driving was done to the McDonald's next to Denny's.

OMFG. THIS WAS SO AWESOME. So all the cars get in the drive-through and most of the cars in the back's passengers/drivers decide they don't want in the car anymore. So we call get out of the car and talk and run around and have fun until someone shouted 'THE LINE IS MOVING' and then we'd have a mad dash back to the cars to move three feet so we could do it all again. jboyxz,krisdf2k, and I did a Chinese fire drill completely around the McD's which owned. So we order, and Nygma decides to play Wheel of Fortune with the menu. he also takes pictures of everyone as they come! So we get up to the order thing and Nicole starts to order when Nygma starts talking and we can't hear anything and it was hlarious. We get up to the window and talk to the lady about WTF is going on and she exclaims 'Some guy randomly took my picture!'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We get to the next one and that lady's pissed. We don't know why.

SO THEN WE FIND OUT THAT TIM, WHO WAS IN LIKE THE FIRST CAR TO PULL UP, WENT TOTALLY TENACIOUS D ON HER ASS. He asked for 4 nuggets, and the lady told them they could only give him 6 so he started screaming about how she's totally capable of throwing two of them out the window hahahahahahhaaha. So she gets pissed and the rest of us feel this wrath. I decide that she isn't pissed enough so I go up to the window and say 'hay baby, can I get your digits?' hahhhaha. I don't think she heard me but it was fucking hilarious anyway. I get back to the car area and start eating and then krisdf2k comes over. Holy shit, we forgot to do the pop'n 10 dance! So we do it, and djbuttaflye tells us to turn around and start over - so we do, and now Nicole has video of me and Kris doing the pop'n 10 dance on video hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need that, by the way.

So after random awesome hilarity in the parking lot people start leaving, I say bye to Josh and Lara and whoever was in the back of their car I couldn't really see. After saying bye to the SC Car, we left and went to a gas station. I get out and start talking to Kris which was hilarious and then he goes around back to piss *YES JBOY, HE PISSED* and so I go in the store and announce loudly that he's peeing. Then I buy a pack of gum! After that fun, I went over to Kris and apparently I was high off his preference because we only had to say one word and we both started cracking up. It was like me and Ryan at 2 AM only it was 1 AM and wasn't Ryan.

WE leave, and the drive home was cool. Jboy's got an interesting crisis right now. I get home, and the wrath of Mother is nonexistant hahaha! No fried My Ass for breakfast! I go upstairs and realize it's fucking 2:30 AM HAHAHHAHA.I'M SORRY PEOPLE I PROMISED I WOULD BE HOME BY MIDNIGHT.

So overall it was really really fun and probably the most fun I have had on a Saturday night in a while, and my night I of course mean morning, and by Saturday I of course mean Sunday. I suppose I'll greet people now!

Darksyde: Your tourney rocked. Loved it, and hope to be at the next one.
Hurt Piggy Pig: You amuse me, and we had matching nail polish omg!!1
Kitty: Thankyou for doing my nails hahaha. I still want to rape you and steal the KH shirt. >E Also, you and Fig are a great couple. I dunno, you two just sorta look right together.
Jboy: Thanks a ton for the ride, and sorry you didn't do as well as anticipated. Hope you can solve your little dillemma soon.
DJ Buttaflye: GITRDONE
DF2K: You are ridiculously cool and awesome and BLEEEAAARRRGGGGHHHH.
Rocket Lad: You needed to have come, you asshole. >(
The Gay Goblin: Whoa, you're amazing at DDR. Nice job.
Nygma: That was an awesome freestyle.
The Robot Like Ciara: You could have gotten the middle part, why'd you stop? :P hahahahahaha

My memory is failing me so I'm sorry if I forgot you. It was great seeing every single person I saw there and I got to eet some people that I had been dying to meet who were just as cool as I thought they'd be. Much <3.

Best. Tourney/Aftertourney Party Thing Ever.

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[08 Feb 2005|07:47pm]
let me make a vague post that relates to my problem.

I have many friends. And I'm friends with almost all of them twice, sometimes three times - the image I have of them in my head, and they way they are, and with some there is a third and a fourth and so on: the way they are around certain people.

Recently I'm noticing that the two copies of some of my friends are clashing horribly

and I'm really sick of this.

can I be in seventh grade again? I had emo shit, but outside of that it was a pretty awesome year.

or eighth. eighth was cool because of the lack of females. I don't like females.

i don't like males either.

I'm confused tonight and really need to talk to someone but I don't know who the hell I want to talk to. I also can't stay off of aim.

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[06 Feb 2005|11:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Another new SN: AirSpirit919. Goes straight to my cell and I can reply.

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[03 Feb 2005|09:12pm]


eat a baby?

[24 Jan 2005|08:43pm]
someone just called my cell, I couldn't get to it in time..then a strange text message came with no sender saying to check my email. I checked my email and all there was was an LJ comment notification of a cryptic comment from billy. The number that called was a restricted number or some crap like that.

Explainplz, whoever called?
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[19 Jan 2005|12:46am]
Dear Brady and Nicole.

You have both disappointed me and one of you has angered me.

I won't deny that probably no one made as many jokes about you two hooking up as I did. Doesn't mean I was serious. When Nicole mentioned to me she was going to Brady's prom with him, I warned you both that this was a bad idea. Nicole, you assured me there would be no after-prom sex so I did the friend thing and believed you.

Then you told me you two were going down to Myrtle Beach together. I of course took the easy shots and made jokes both to you two and to Jboy. Still, I assumed you both would have the goddamned sense not to fuck around - Nicole because you have committed yourself to Jboy and Brady because that's just low. I let you guys have your fun.

So you come back up and we go to play DDR - I assume everything went well because I didn't hear of any messing around and Jboy and Nicole were still the happy couple they've always been.

I notice in the car back from Crabtree both of you are hiding something. Knowing damn well what you were hiding, just not the extent of it, I poked you both into telling me. It hit me like a brick and my thoughts as to the self control and moral standards of you both plummeted.

However, you both were my friends and I agreed to keep it a secret. I could hold out until you decided what to do. Everything was going fine until I IMed you, Brady, in typical high school boy fashion asking for the setup. You inform me you did it again this morning.

Here's where I lose all respect for you. I warned you both. I promised I would keep it a secret. You completely blow me and Jboy and Agnes off and do it again. So I go and tell Agnes...and Adrien..and Scotty...and word gets around pretty goddamned fast.

I'm still pissed at you for betraying my OWN trust as well as being fucktards in general, but there's room to make amends if you so desire. As it stands now, however, you both are out of my life and Emophyx is dead.

Love and peace,
Michael Nelson
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[18 Jan 2005|10:22pm]
I've decided to stop being an ass to people for stupid shit like punctuation and the like...joined Arrow Smash and all that and I hope to make peace with people that hate me.

Yeah, that's it..sappy emo shit, I know
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While I'm in a political mood... [09 Jan 2005|02:02pm]
The 2nd Amendment.

"A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Let's look at this for a second. This amendment is what one could call a problem with a dependant variable where we in math class.

The right to bear arms cannot be infringed BECAUSE we need a militia to guard our country.

Do we need a militia? What's this about a US Army with over a million soldiers all armed and trained?Obviously a militia is unneccesary. So if we don't have a militia, doesn't the whole amendment crumble? Looks to me like the only reason we ha(ve/d) the "right" to bear weapons of death is because we might need a militia.

Someone tell me a purpose for bearing arms now? Oh, for self defense? If someone has you at gunpoint, do you think it'll do you any fucking good to have a gun in your pocket when they guy will shoot you if you make a move for it?

AND EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE GUN IN YOUR HAND TO BEGIN WITH - the only way I can see gun-based self defense being practical - if you get the first shot off it still means someone died because you had a weapon. No one should be able to kill another person, ever.

Some people claim they should have it for entertainment. If you go out there and shoot a duck for fun then bring it to the house, skin it, and cook it, I don't have a problem with you. But if you go out and shoot some random deer just because, you're a heartless asshole who would probably do the same to humans. People who hunt for fun need to find another hobby, because killing things for pleasure is sadistic and needs to stop.

That's about it. Someone give me a good reason why we should be able to carry weapons, if you can think of one.
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[09 Jan 2005|01:48pm]
I hate the Libertarian party.

Actually, that's wrong. I dislike the views of the Libertarian party.

They're liberals....kinda. They hold some liberal views that I most certainly agree with *stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage all = yes*...but they obviously aren't all liberal.

Their two main views are what really put me off from them. The first is one that might be good, and that is their view that we need a smaller government. We do need a smaller government, yes..but the Libertarians will make the thing so damned small we'll become the United Corporations of America because all the big companies will take over. This really needs to be finetuned and they need to think this through.

Then there's something that hits a personal spot with me, and that's the fact that they support the "right" to bear arms. As some of you know, my grandfather was shot in a robbery of his store by a gun that the holder claimed was to be used for self defense. If we were not allowed to have guns in the first palce, what the hell would we have to defend ourselves from? Some fists? If you care about your family and want to defend them with from violence, take some martial arts classes or something. Don't fucking shoot people.

They're getting to be a larger party and this worries me. I think I'd probably be a Republican before I would be a Libertarian.
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[07 Jan 2005|11:18pm]
Reason #50-something Why My School Is Better Than GH: The next few days in Spanish class *today began this* will be spent watching the Jet Li movie Hero, the only reason given being that Maria likes the movie.

Oh yes.
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My life, a summary. [05 Jan 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | mixed ]

A very long, personal story that only a few of you get to read.Collapse )

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[27 Dec 2004|07:45pm]
AIM screen name changes!

My laptop SN (the one I'll use most) is Odoriko no Kaze.
My PC SN (the one that will be away most of the time) is Kaze no Odoriko.

'kay? 'kay.
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Friends only, rargh [04 Nov 2004|11:09pm]
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