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Ja! The rebels eat babies!

mmmm, tasty

Michael Nelson
27 October
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(A note to all about AIM: If you want to talk to me, add Odoriko no Kaze and see if that SN is on first. If not, IM Kaze no Odoriko and I will get back to you soon.)

It's about time I updated this...

Hi. My name is Michael Nelson. I'm 14, live in North Carolina, and play DDR. I enjoy many Japanese anime - Yuugiou, Naruto, Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, Groove Adventure Rave, and Daa! Daa! Daa! are the current favorites - as well as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean food. (I would say oriental food, but Vietnamese food is terrible.)

I am currently dating the beautiful, intelligent, funny, generally awesome Rachel. The ones I consider close friends lately are Ryan, Rachel, Monica, Emma, and Maggie. props2u if you know two or more of these people.

I enjoy music..a lot. Mostly international stuff, I enjoy German, Japanese, Spanish, and the occasional British music. Rammstein, FLOW, M-Clan, and The Beatles top my lists for each of those countries right now.

I like to talk to people, but unless I'm in a good mood I enjoy to rape people that do not know English. Luckily, Rachel tends to keep me in a good mood so all you moronic Naruto fans that read my FAQs don't need to worry about me ignoring you.

Um..I don't really know what else to put here. If you want to be put on my friends list, talk to me and perhaps you will. It takes a lot to get on my 'close friends' filter, but it's possible...yeah, that's all. Have fun.

Pocky is Edible Love

Screw Marriage! Pocky is Love.
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